LTL Data

One of the most searched for fitness keywords is "nutritional information." By simply providing this information, you will increase your credibility and search engine rankings to your website. Our data software also includes a calories burned calculator and information on exercises. Our LTL Data For Personal Trainers product offers all of this information bundled into an easy to implement solution.

Nutritional Data

  • Restaurant & brand information
  • Data is double-entered for accuracy
  • Delicious recipes
  • Pie charts break down calories
  • Ability to add new foods

Exercise Database

  • Large database of exercises
  • Variety of equipment to choose
  • Upload your own exercise photos to add a professional touch to your site
  • Add your own exercises
  • Link exercises to your own YouTube videos

Calories Burned From Activities

An important key to losing weight is knowing how many calories are burned. Our calories burned calculator has a large database of activities to ensure your visitors receive accurate counts.